Monday, November 16, 2015

Mr R Monday Special

Today's Mr. R. Special is (are?) Octagon Girls Red Dela Cruz and Arianny Celeste. Hung out with the ESOPers, Will, JA, Fiene, Dr. J, Rich, Fully, Deana, D-Rock and Natasha last week in Vegas where Rousey's pre-fight line was -2000; Holm +1000 (in other words, one needed to bet 2k on Rousey to win 100 and a 100 bet on Holm won you 1000). Holm's shocking KO proved, once again, why MMA is such an exciting, unpredictable sport. BTW, I didn't bet, but would have put money on Rousey (I am mr loser, right?)  

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